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Trailer Driver

Our client is an established logistics company. They seek to hire a Trailer Driver who will transport freight across the country's road networks

Duties and responsibilities 

• Ensure documentation of all transport trips is done

• Ensure cleanliness, safety, and security of the organisation's vehicle at all times

• Ensure compliance with traffic regulations

• Ensure safe delivery of supplies to various facilities as and when required including loading and unloading delivery goods

• Ensure proper documentation of all driving records (i.e. mileage and gas receipts)

• Perform simple vehicle maintenance (i.e. cleaning interior and exterior, taking the vehicle for state inspections, filling tires with air, etc.)

• Ensure consistent communication with supervisor on vehicle performance and if there are any vehicle problems

• Ensure up to date insurance of the vehicle is maintained

• Ensure compliance to CHS travel and HR policy in relation to handing of the vehicles

• Safely delivering freight at various locations, including over long distances.

• Planning the most efficient routes and delivering freight on time.

• Performing truck and trailer inspections before departure to ensure good running order.

• Inventorying loads and documenting the condition of the freight before departure.

• Assisting in the loading and unloading of freight, and obtaining the client's signature on delivery.

• Securing the freight in place before departure and monitoring its safe distribution throughout the trip.

• Performing service checks on tire pressure, oil, and fluid levels, as well as minor repairs, when required.

• Logging the hours driven, rest stop durations, distances covered, as well as all fuel, repair, and toll expenses.

• Reporting any delays due to road conditions, accidents, or breakdowns to management.

• Adhering to federal and state trucking rules and regulations, including mandatory rest periods, weight restrictions, and weight adjustments.

• Any other duty as may be assigned by the supervisor from time to time

Key skills and qualifications 

• Valid driving license from a recognized institution.

• Minimum 10 years’ experience in a similar role.

• A valid Defensive Driving Certificate from the Automobile Association of Kenya (AA) or its equivalent qualification.

• Certificate of Good Conduct

• Thorough knowledge of traffic laws and traffic patterns is desired.

• Extensive experience as a tractor-trailer truck driver.

• An incident-free driving record, as well as solid knowledge of truck and trailer maintenance.

• Advanced knowledge of route planning, using both road maps and GPS devices.

• The ability to work long, irregular hours, and to remain alert and focused throughout.

• Strong organizational and time management skills.

• Sound knowledge of federal and state laws that regulate the road freight transport industry.

• Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.

• Experience driving Foton, Renault, Mercedes, and Tata brands will be an added advantage 

How to Apply

If you are up to the challenge and possess the necessary qualifications and experience; please send your updated CV and attach a copy of your Driver’s License, before 26th January 2024.