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Senior Teller

At Sidian Bank, we recognize the significant accountability and inherent risks that an entrepreneur takes to make his ideas and dreams a reality. It is for this reason that our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create wealth through provision of transformational financial solutions that meet entrepreneurs needs and facilitate growth through convenience and choice.


The job holder will be responsible for supporting the Operations Manager and the Branch Manager to deliver best in class customer service to customers to maximize relationship building through managing the Service Delivery function (Customer Service and Tellering) in the branch to ensure the delivery of quality service to customers, the projection of a professional and warm image, maintenance of operational controls and continuous improvement in operational efficiency.


  • Branch controls, processes, procedures and Custodian
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Branch Operations
  • Risk & Compliance

Branch controls, processes and procedures custodian:

  • Overall responsibility for management of branch cash transactions up to a limit of 5 M and transfers i.e. RTGS, TTs and internal transfers up to 3M including call backs.
  • Customer service management, supervision of individual account opening documents prior to being generated by the customer service team, authorization of debit card issuance and E pin allocation to customers.
  • Branch compliance audit and control of operational losses 
  • Human resource management at the branch level 
  • Business continuity, administration, branch controls and physical security maintenance of the branch 
  • Financial controls at the branch 
  • End of day teller cash confirmation and balancing
  • Sitting in for the Operations Manager
  • Supervision of Teller Transactions during the day and managing bulk transactions
  • Complies with bank operations and security procedures by participating in all dual-control functions, maintaining customer traffic surveys, auditing other tellers’ currency, assisting in certification of proof of funds by customer.
  • Maintains customer confidence and protects bank operations by keeping information confidential

Sales & Customer Service

  • Ensure cash transactions, customer queries, requests or complaints are handled within the defined Service   Level Agreements (SLAs) and Turn Around Time.
  • Endeavors to increase deposits by new and existing clients by identifying and evaluating client needs’ through observation, listening and questioning techniques through tele sales.
  • Maintains a complete understanding of all products and services offered via Sidian distribution channels, with knowledge sufficient to discuss product attributes fully and confidently.
  • Calls new and existing customers to cross sell and upsell bank products.
  • Contributes to the efficient operation of the branch through the accurate and timely processing of all transactions and account maintenance, including customer instructions, account information requests, account instruments etc.
  • Influencing customer’s decision making so that they transfer their ‘main bank’ transactional banking to Sidian and utilize Sidian range of non-term deposit products, which assists the branch meet its funding margin objective.
  • Contributes to the promotion of the branch by preparing displays, coordinating and distributing promotional materials and organizing functions.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with new and existing clients to capitalize on opportunities to cross-sell Sidian products and services to existing and potential clients.
  • Responsible for making referrals to Relationship Officers and Bancassurance for uptake and utilization of bank products, services and channels.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all accounts opened in the branch are signed up to at least one digital channel.
  • Ensure that customer tools are stored safely and are delivered to the customer as per the set SLA

Branch Operations

  • Ensures up-to-date information for all branch customers at all times.
  • Ensures the accurate and timely processing and delivery of all certificates, account information, and statements to clients.
  • Contributes to the flow of communication within the team, by actively participating in staff meetings.
  • Provides information and reports as requested.
  • Ensure proper documentation and filing is done for all transactions.

Risk & Compliance

  • Submit accurate and up-to-date Operational risk and control self-assessments (RCSA/ ORSA) on time.
  • To ensure implementation and compliance with operational policies and procedures.
  • Closure of identified deficiencies from concluded audits, correction within stipulated timelines, and ensure no repeat findings.
  • Ensure that all customers onboarded to the bank meet the minimum criteria and are screened adequately considering the Bank’s AML/CFT/CPF guidelines.
  • Continuously monitor customer transactions in the context of their profile, properly document the background and purpose of all complex, unusual, large transactions, and all unusual patterns of transactions, which have no apparent economic or visible lawful purpose. 
  • Responsible for immediately alerting the MLRO  on  suspicious transactions or activities noted in  customers’ accounts escalated by the branch staff. Any inconsistent activities or transactions, any suspicious accounts, any attempted accounts or transactions, must be investigated and reported to the compliance function immediately, placing a clear basis of suspicion.
  • Ensure that customer accounts are suitable for purpose e.g. avoid opening children’s accounts for normal day to day transactions as opposed to opening a current account.
  • Prior to Customer on boarding, ensure that a potential client has been screened, account opening form is duly completed and all required documentation as per the account opening policy obtained.
  • Ensure that verification is done as to the identity of the customer, documentation used to open an account, and conducted transactions during the customer journey.
  • Identify any high risk accounts such as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) at point of account opening and at execution of transaction continuously, given the dynamic nature of such high risk accounts. Forward the details of such high-risk customer(s) and any PEP/PEP Related persons noted   to senior management for approval.  Ensure that such accounts have all the requisite documents such as updated annual EDDs, are marked as high risk in the system and the reason for high risk rating properly indicated. 
  • Recommend revision of controls, where appropriate, to address new or previously uncontrolled risks.
  • Ensure compliance with agreed limits of authority and levels of access to systems and information.


  • To authorize/approve a customer’s request.
  • Limited scope for decision making as the role is extensively guided by policy and guidelines.


  • University degree or above in a relevant business discipline e.g. business administration or finance.


  • At least 4 years in banking operations, of which 2 years should be at a supervisory level.


  • Interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with and manage customer expectations (internal and external), and other stakeholders who impact performance.
  • Knowledge of relevant products and services.
  • Knowledge and effective application of all relevant banking policies, processes, procedures and guidelines to consistently achieve required compliance standards or benchmarks.
  • Self-empowerment to enable development of open communication, teamwork and trust that are needed to support performance and customer-service oriented culture.


  • Diploma in Banking – AKIB (added advantage)

Method of Application
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