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Country Manager Kenya


Job's aim                                                        

  • Responsible for country legal representation, HR management, fundraising, program implementation, compliance and financial management.

Specifications of the job

  • Responsible for realisation of Country Office targets;the Country Manager plans, manages program implementation and oversees the in-country finance and administration functions. S/he ensures the quality of work and provide consistent, professional, and warm relationships with donors, and raise funds to grow the Country Office budget and Cluster budget. S/he ensures good relationships with partners both private and public and with other sister organisations (i)NGOs.

Aim of the Organizational Unit

  • Is responsible for realisation of Country Office targets

Job category/Grade

  • Kenya salary scale - Grade x


  • Cluster Director


  • Project Managers, Project Officers, M&E and Communication Officer, Program Administration & HR Support Officer, Project Finance Officer.


Results and Competences

Result area & Description

Strategy proposals  

  • Monitors the progress and interdependencies of different projects within a Cordaid programme, taking into account the developments in the country/regions, and proposes improvements in the chosen strategy. Leads on country strategy design and implements the strategy.

Cooperation benefits

  • Creates partnerships between governmental institutions, donors, partner organisations and (inter)national non-governmental organisations, taking into account the agreed programme results.


  • Interacts with (potential) local/institutional donors, convincingly advocating for the added value of Cordaid as to acquire funds and ensure the future funding for the programme(s) in the designated country/region.

Business/Action plan

  • Translates the agreed Country Office targets into a Business/Action Plan for the Country Office, with specific results in designated project areas while securing the connection with the Cordaid strategy.

Programme Management

  • Keeps track of developments within the projects, manages the activities within the team and makes the necessary adjustments, taking into account the business/action plan, governmental policies, donor policies and the allocation of resources and preventing mission creep.

Financial Management 

  • Keep track of the financial performance of projects and exploitation budgets, ensuring that the CO operates within the boundaries of its approved annual budget.  
  • Ensure and be accountable for compliance with donor and internal Cordaid financial requirements.

National compliance

  • Ensures and takes any measures necessary to ensure the country office is compliant with national laws and regulations and manages relations with relevant government institutions to that effect.

Management sublocations  

  • Leads sublocations (if existing), decides how much and which kind of contact or guidance is needed and ensures proper communication from sublocations with headquarters.

Security Management

  • Assesses security risks in projects and realises the security of the Cordaid team, consultants and Cordaid visitors, according to the Cordaid’s safety & security policy. 

Programme Reports  

  • Collects information within the programme and reports about the results, specifics and possible deviations following the required reporting standards, providing solutions to minimize the impact of deviations.

Personnel management  

  • Leads and coaches the multidisciplinary country team on a day to day basis in accordance with the management style of Cordaid, focused on productivity, the professional development of staff and employee satisfaction.
  • Coaches staff and leaves room for professional freedom to determine how to execute the work. Builds on the strengths and talents of staff members to improve team performance.
  • Emphasis teamwork, project based working and commitment. Ensures efficient use of resources and controls quality of work.


  • Showcases integrity standards as outlined in Cordaid’s integrity policies.
  • Fulfills integrity responsibilities as outlined in Cordaid’s Integrity Framework and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Positively contributes to a safe environment within their scope of influence by encouraging dialogue, trust, as well as understanding and adherence to Cordaid’s integrity standards and procedures. 


  • Any other duties assigned by the Cluster Director


Knowledge, Skills, and Experiences

  • University or master’s degree in agriculture, health, economy, humanitarian aid, international development, or other relevant subject
  • Extensive knowledge of (remote) management styles, institutional donor funded programs, program management, international cooperation with local partners, country/region of the Country Office, techniques, reporting standards and languages
  • Good understanding of the financial framework, structure and compliance requirements of a country office within the setting of an international NGO
  • At least 6 years of progressive experience in managing complex professional programs/projects/offices of international organizations or companies.
  • Social skills to bridge cultural or other differences on several locations or from remote distance.
  • Behavioral values and skills: trust, accountability, problem solving, cooperation, teambuilding, negotiation, conflict management, collaboration, flexibility, creativity
  • Writing skills to clearly formulate strategy and project proposals including expected impact  


  • Strategic orientation
  • Self-motivated, proactive and result driven
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Leadership skills
  • People management skills
  • Results oriented
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Open, outgoing and reliable
  • Ability to work independently under pressure and proactive work style
  • Ability to transfer skills
  • Gender sensitive

Key result Areas

  • Program implementation
  • Program monitoring
  • Partnership Management
  • HR Management
  • Representation/networking
  • Donor mapping / fundraising
  • Coordination of program activities
  • Country Office operation
  • Financial management and compliance
  • Legal assurance and reporting to government
  • Effective staff management
  • Security

Working conditions

  • 40 hours a week

Travel to partner offices as and when needed

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